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UCP International Co., Ltd., along with its parent company ("the Company"), concentrates its main business in the production and sourcing of innovation high quality seasonal and home products.

Having been established in 1958, the company has gained a reputation as being the leading manufacturer and trading company in the Permanent Botanical and Seasonal Decoration industries. Product innovation and a focus on quality have been the driving force of the company. Today, with added emphasis on service and continuous improvement, we intend to maintain our leadership position by consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Today, the company has over 150 staff in our sales and operations office and over 12,000 staff in our production facilities. We service worldwide customers with a focus on the US and European markets. A customer group consisting of importers, distributors, specialty retailers and mass retailers have enabled us to be as dynamic as we are today.


A Message from the Company President

Thank you for your purchase of our company's product. We hope you enjoy the satisfaction of our seasonal products addition to your holiday cheer. Over the past years, we have extensively serviced retailers with our PVC and PE holiday trees, wreaths and garlands. With the expectation by our customers of added service, this website, along with the toll free number and the email channels will enable end users to obtain more information as well as support on the purchases of their Christmas Trees from our company's customers. Information pertaining to the setup of our trees, table of contents as well as other general information is included in the various areas of the website.

Although we make every effort to minimize any defects in our products, we expect that each customer may have his/her various expectation, thus to service every need, the other main area of the website is targeted for customer support. In this section, we expect the end user to provide us with information that pertains to the problems that he/she is experiencing. Our trained staff will promptly respond to requests posted.

It is our intention to provide you with best possible service so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season.


Stella Chow


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