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Product Instructions

Setup of Tree
Shaping of Tree
Storage of Tree
Light Trouble Shooting
Replacement of Light Bulb
Replacement of Fuse in Light String
Replacement of Fuse in Extension Cord
Caution on Lights
Warranty Covers
Warranty Does Not Cover

Setup of Tree
  1. Before you start to assemble your tree, choose a location near a wall outlet. Assemble the tree stand (steps 2 & 3) and place on a level surface.
  2. Pull apart the legs of the stand so that they are "X" shaped. Insert set screws into the three holes around the top of the stand. Insert each screw only enough to prevent stand from folding.
  3. Insert fourth set screw into hole at bottom of stand and tighten.
  4. Carefully insert the bottom section (C) of the tree into the assembled stand. Make sure the pole is firmly inserted into stand. Align tree pole so that it is standing straight. Hold this position while tightening the 3 top screws on the stand. Adjust screws to adjust alignment of pole.
  5. Insert middle section (B) into the bottom section (C) and the tree top (A) into the middle section (B).
  6. Allow branches to fall into place or gently pull up and out. When adjusting branches ensure that all wires are free from the hinges (section where branches are attached to pole).
  7. Tree with Light Strings
    Tree without Light Strings
  8. Connect the plug(s) securely to the sectional extension cord (attached to pole) as shown above. Plug the extension cord into the wall outlet. Your entire tree should now be lit. If some bulbs do not light, search for any loose plugs, broken, loose or missing bulbs. Keep tree plugged in while shaping your tree. Should a light flicker while doing this, check for the bulb(s) that may have caused the trouble.
Shaping of Tree
  1. Shape the branches working from the bottom to the top. Start with tips nearest the pole, one to the right, one to the left and one at the center of the main stem.
  2. After shaping the whole tree, step back and take an overall look. Shift branches to fill any gaps. Slightly upsweep all branch tips for a uniform look. Tree is now ready to decorate and enjoy.
Storage of Tree
  1. Unplug extension cord from the wall outlet and remove all ornaments and decorations.
  2. Unplug each sectional extension cords (refer to sectional extension cords noted in "Setup of Tree" point 7).
  3. Gently lift off the top and middle sections, and remove the bottom section from the tree stand (essentially reversing steps 5, 4, 3 and 2 in section of "Setup of Tree"). Carefully place the tree sections in its box and tape it shut (you can also purchase tree storage bags from mass retail or hardware stores to store your detached tree). Store it neatly in a cool, dry location protected from sunlight. Do not store it in a damp area or in an area where the temperature exceeds 100°F.
  1. Read all instructions and warning tags included with the tree.
  2. For indoor use.
  3. Do not use the product for other than its intended use.
  4. Do not place it near gas or electric heaters, radiators, fireplaces, candles, or other similar sources of heat.
  5. Place it on a level, hard, flat surface: do not place where tree is likely to wobble due to uneven floors or thick carpeting.
  6. Do not use candles on tree.
  7. After assembling the tree and adding decorations, make sure the tree is stable. If tree is not stable, shift the weight of the decorations, and use support wires to walls and/or window frames (make sure they are secure also).
  8. Do not secure the wiring of the product with staples or nails or place on sharp hooks or nails.
  9. Do not overload extension cords or power strips, see ratings on those devices and check the rating label of the tree for compatibility.
  10. Do not let lamps rest on the supply cord or on any wire.
  11. Do not install near fountains, bathtubs, sinks, or other wet areas.
  12. Insert lighting string plugs fully into extension and extension cord plug fully into its receptacle.
  13. This product is equipped with push in type lamps. Do not twist lamps.
  14. Do not cover the product with cloth, paper or any material not part of the product when in use.
  15. Do close doors or windows on the product or extensions cords as this may damage the wire insulation.
  16. Unplug the product when leaving the house, when retiring for the night or if left unattended.
  17. This is an electric product - not a toy! To avoid risk of fire, burns, personal injury and electrical short it should not be played with or placed where small children can reach it.
Light Trouble Shooting
  1. Check whether the extension cord is properly plugged into the outlet.
  2. Be sure there is power to the outlet.
  3. Check whether all plugs within the tree are securely connected to the sectional extension cords (attached to the pole).
  4. Check whether all bulbs are tightly fixed inside the lamp holder.
  5. Check if fuse is blown (refer to section on "Replacement of Fuse in Light String").
Replacement of Light Bulb

If a bulb is blown, replace the faulty bulb following the below diagram. There are spare bulbs included for easy replacement.

Replacement of Fuse in Light String

If none of the lights are working, check the fuse in light string. If the fuse is blown, replace the blown fuse following the below diagram. There is a spare fuse included for easy replacement.

Replacement of Fuse in Extension Cord

If none of the lights are working, check the fuse in light string. If the fuse is blown, replace the blown fuse following the below diagram. There is a spare fuse included for easy replacement.

Caution on Lights
  1. To reduce the likelihood of excessive heat and possible damage, use only decorative lamp accessories packaged with the product.
  2. To reduce the risk of overheating, replace burned-out lamps promptly. Use 2.5volt lamps only.
  3. Always unplug the product before installing or replacing lamps and/or fuses.
  4. This is a Series-Parallel-Connected lighting string. For temporary (90 days max.) installation and use only.
  5. The product is for indoor use only.
Warranty Covers

The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser of tree against manufacturing defects. Warranty period varies depending on the tree and on the retail store where tree was purchased (please check with the retail store or send us a request to inquire). Original purchaser must retain proof of such purchase in the form of an original store sales receipt and must produce such upon request by the manufacturer. If you find defects on the product within the warranty period, please write the defective details, tree identification (please refer to the label attached on the tree stand or find the alphabetical letter on the packaging box) with your contact number to the manufacturer at or call our toll free number (877) 222 5111. The manufacturer reserves the right to ask for proof of defect by photo or by mailing product/component to our warehouse within the US.

Warranty Does Not Cover

This limited warranty does not cover faults caused by misuse of product and its components, accidental or intentional damage or abuse of product, failure to follow proper installation and dismantling procedures, negligence and act of god. It is not valid for purchases from unauthorized "Secondary Outlets". The manufacturer reserves the right to ask for proof of defect by photo or by mailing product/component to our warehouse within the US.

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